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Private loud background noise. But ever since Sybil had crawled into my bed that first time, Brandi had been teasing her father endlessly, running around the house in next to nothing, sitting on his lap and wiggling, and "accidentally" walking in on him while he was masturbating. She never made me use protection, but she knew when it was safe to sleep with Daddy. I was rock hard by now, and when Alex distracted me by rolling over, I saw he was hard again too, and gripping his much too large cock. I almost had another orgasm and we were already finished! All of us were foolish in one sense or another.

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You've been talking about having ten babies ever since I taught you how to use a tampon.

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But having a little brown baby would complicate things, and her life was already going to be complicated enough. I started to withdraw, but her hands flashed to my butt cheeks and her nails dug in, keeping me there. And now she's decided she doesn't want to be a virgin when he takes her. Or pretend to rape her, I mean. Amber was next to need new pants. If I get pregnant, I can stay here and raise the baby. She was rocking on him.

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