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Anne's debut at court was in March at a pageant. Romantic love and sexual satisfaction were often sought elsewhere. Think not I say this in hope of prolonging my life; God has taught me how to die, and He will strengthen my faith. However, the granting of the divorce is delayed, and Henry continues his affair with Anne. After discovering Catherine still makes Henry's shirts, Anne yells at Henry, saying "you can't have three people in a marriage. Henry wrote a series of undated lover letters to Anne, and seventeen of them are now in the Vatican. Anne's European education ended in winterand she was summoned back to England on her father's orders.

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Anne Boleyn

Although Anne's daughter, Elizabeth Tudor, was the last of Henry's children to take the throne, her reign of 44 years - often known as the Golden Age of England - was by far the longest and most successful of any of the Tudor monarchs, including her father. In practice many gave in to temptation. Henry increasingly shows Anne off as his new lover, kissing her in public and having her accompany him whenever Queen Catherine is not present. Anne's debut at court was in March at a pageant. Anne's feud with Catherine, however, irked the common people of England, and she was extremely unpopular with most of the nobility, both English and Imperial though she was initially liked by the French. She promises to bear Henry a son- when they are married.

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