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Nice little tip for you, say fifty New ones? Its rainbow pixel maze was the first thing he saw when he woke. He looked down, expecting to see that needle of ruby emerge from his chest. Case had never seen him wear the same suit twice, although his wardrobe seemed to consist entirely of meticulous reconstructions of gar- ments of the previous century. When the fear came, it was like some half-forgotten friend. You should thank me. Over the muted chaos of the games, an alarm began to cycle, triggered either by the broken window or by the girl at the head of the corridor.

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Terrorism as we ordinarily understand it is inately media-re- lated.

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The last two doors were closed and, he assumed, locked. Ratz held the gun in his claw and pumped the round out of the chamber. Darkness there, the white curve of a terminal housing. The lid was yellow cardboard, stamped with a crude image of a coiled cobra with a swollen hood. He affected prescription lenses, framed in spidery gold, ground from thin slabs of pink synthetic quartz and beveled like the mirrors in a Victorian dollhouse. Case picked at a shred of bacon that had lodged between his front teeth.

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